Waffle and Crow Party on target in Oregon primary


May 21, 2014 by Thomas Hauber

Junior Democrat Senator Jeff Merkely’s opponent in the November election will be Portland neurosurgeon Monica Wehby. By daybreak today Wehby emerged as the clear winner over Oregon State legislator Jason Conger.


Initial results posted at 10:22 May 20s, show Wehby 52.9 % Conger 34.6% .


There is a time to Waffle and a time to Crow. These early results are strikingly close to the W&C party prediction of Wehby 53% Conger 34% .


Official Waffle and Crow Party internal documents predicting the results of the May 20 Oregon primary two days before the election are now available for release:


<<On election eve here in Oregon, the W&C party hereby endorses Jeff Merkely running virtually unopposed in the closed Democrat primary.


As for the Republican primary, it is now clear that Conservative Jason Conger cannot hold his own against the big cash campaign of the illustrious neurosurgeon from Portland, Monica Wehby.  Conger’s latest endorsement by the Tea Party will bury him here in Oregon among most thinking Republicans. As a result of two unofficial surveys conducted by the W&C party, we can now project Dr. Mom the clear winner in the primary. Wehby 53%, Conger 34%, also-rans 13%.>>


Kudos to the W&C for another correct call.



2 thoughts on “Waffle and Crow Party on target in Oregon primary

  1. Mark Miller says:

    Once again the Waffle & Crow Party Chief Political Analyst — aka “The Prognosticator” — has nailed it with amazing precision. An impressive performance.

  2. The Green Cat has no doubt about the prodigious powers of prognostication possessed by “The Prognosticator”.

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